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7 Costs for services

Industrial utilities (water, methane, heat and electrical energy)5.1783.2741.904
Charges for work and maintenance252.880241.45511.425
Energy transport and storage69.596125.310-55.714
Cleaning and security costs5.2135.16845
Transport, waste collection and disposal services140.414127.15713.257
Announcements, advertising and disputes7.9418.221-280
Technical, organisation, legal and tax assistance consultancy31.02528.2172.808
Remuneration to Statutory Auditors and Directors5.0815.06516
Letture contatori3.7973.048749
Postal and telephone costs12.67512.57897
Recruitment, training and other staff costs10.5209.643877
IT and data processing services12.96613.216-250
Laboratory analyses4.7043.3531.351
Bank fees and charges6.6945.0221.672
Fees paid to local authorities76.05166.4029.649
Rents and leases payable20.37017.8062.564
Fees payable4.5423.706836

Comments on changes in the main operating costs compared with the previous financial year are contained in the report on operations. As far as the “energy transport and storage” costs are concerned, please note that the decrease is attributable to a different registration of the components of the A-UC and MCT electric service, which are shown in debit and credit accounts since 1 January 2008.

The Euro 9,649 thousand increase of “Fees paid to local authorities” is due to:

  • Euro 3,619 thousand in charges sustained by the Parent Company for use of public-owned networks, in fees paid to the asset companies for rent of gas, water and electricity cycle assets, and lease of the drop-off points;
  • Euro 4,032 thousand in charges borne by Marche Multiservizi for use of the networks and for payment of the rent to the asset companies.

The reclassifications made in some 2007 items are provided below:

 2007 publishedriclassification2007 riclassified
Charges for work and maintenance240.3061.149241.455
Postal and telephone costs16.457- 3.87912.578
Rents and leases payable15.8561.95017.806
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