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6 Use of raw materials and consumables (net of changes in inventories of raw materials and stock)

Methane ready for sale and LPG net of inventory charges854,849687,459167,390
Income and charges from derivatives-13,146-10,154-2,992
Fuel for heat generation3,0972,486611
Electricity ready for sale1,418,848808,330610,518
Maintenance materials: handling and spare parts net of change on stock69,68457,60812,076
Fuels and lubricants14,51211,9292,583
Methane for industrial use15,5373,92811,609
Chemical products13,34311,5121,831
Consumables and sundry materials7,4195,2152,204

 Please see the report on operations for the analysis of trends in the costs of raw materials and consumables. Please note the substantial increase by comparison with the previous year in costs relating to “electricity ready for sale”, in correlation with the increase in sales revenues. However, said amount includes revenues coming from the assessment of the grey and green certificates.



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