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5 Other operating income

Insurance reimbursements8,0103,3074,703
Sale of materials and stock682751-69
Portion of capital grants3,2352,883352
Portion of operating grants and from separate waste collection11,4528,4443,008
Use and re-assessment of provisions13,2894,0679,222
Profits from the sale of assets3,3049022,402
Costs reimbursed2,0201,381639

The most substantial changes by comparison with 2007 are described below.

“Insurance reimbursements” shows an increase of Euro 4,703 thousand, due to:

  • Euro 4,257 thousand for reimbursement of damages to the incinerator alternator of subsidiary Fea Srl;
  • a reimbursement of Euro 100 thousand for damage to public illumination plants owned by the subsidiary Hera Luce Srl;
  • Euro 834 thousand, mainly in compensation payments by insurance companies and debits charged to customers of the Province of Rimini for damage to goods owned by the Parent Company, chiefly in the water sector;

Insignificant decreases are reported for other Group companies.

Item “operating grants and grants for separated waste collection” shows an increase of Euro 3,008 thousand, due to:

  • Euro 830 thousand for higher volumes of packaging (plastic, glass, wood) deriving from the separated waste collection and sold to the Consortiums of the Conai Chain;
  • Euro 2,160 thousand for grants paid to the Parent Company by the Raee Coordination Centre based on the provisions of the programme agreement entered into with Anci on 18 July 2008, regarding the new Raee (electric and electronic equipment waste) management system.

The item “Use and reassessment of funds” for Euro 13,289 thousand mainly comprises:

  • Landfill post-closure provision for Euro 4,181 thousand;
  • INPS litigation provision for involuntary unemployment and illness for Euro 991 thousand;
  • provision for disposal of waste stored by subsidiary Ecologia Ambiente Srl for Euro 101 thousand;
  • provisions for doubtful receivables amounting to Euro 8,221 thousand.

The rise in “capital gains on sales of goods” of Euro 2,402 thousand was mainly due to asset disposals by the Parent Company via the sale of property at Faenza (Euro 1,087 thousand) and Modena (Euro 1,315 thousand).

The “Other” item for Euro 27,272 mainly comprises:

  • Euro 8,998 thousand in energy efficiency securities (white certificates);
  • reassessment of other funds for Euro 10,280 thousand;
  • gains from transfer of business units for Euro 3,500 thousand;
  • recovered expenses from customers for Euro 658 thousand;
  • enforcement of a guarantee policy for Euro 254 thousand.

The increase over the previous year is mainly due to the energy efficiency securities.

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