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Income Statement

Change in inventories of finished products and work in progress42,604-4,249
Other operating income573,08146,038
Use of raw materials and consumables (net of changes in inventories of raw materials and stock)6-2,421,439-1,613,916
Service costs7-716,045-724,694
Personnel costs8-331,078-300,912
of which non recurring5,278
Amortisation, depreciation and provisions9-247,556-232,797
Other operating costs10-43,688-50,399
Capitalised costs11248,530238,212
Operating profit280,745220,581
Portion of profit (loss) pertaining to associated companies122,1231,235
Financial income1322,16228,599
Financial charges13-116,169-107,875
Pre-tax profit188,861142,540
Taxes for the period14-78,597-32,637
of which non recurring32,930
Net profit for the year110,264109,903
Attributable to:
Shareholders of Parent Company94,76596,246
Minority shareholders15,49913,657
Earnings per share14.1

Pursuant to Consob resolution 15519 of 27 July 2006, the effects of dealings with related parties on the balance sheet are indicated in paragraph 2.03 of these abbreviated consolidated half-year Financial Statements.