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How can you forecast growth over the next 3 years during such a serious overall crisis?

Most of the Groupís results (approximately 60%) result from regulated activities that guarantee a definite return on invested capital, which is therefore protected against any fluctuation in demand. In addition, to guarantee the definite return on investments, Hera has agreed gradual tariff increases up to 2012 with the local authorities for both water and waste management services. Lastly, the industrial plan envisages investment in these regulated activities, the return on which will contribute to future growth. With regard to deregulated activities, in Italy Hera occupies significant and therefore defendable leadership positions, especially in the light of the new systems already in operation and those at an advanced construction stage. The growth forecast in the plan also includes a contribution from the continued management efficiency strategies (which historically have led to an average annual contribution of approximately Euro 22 million) and from economies of scale achieved also as a result of the recent SAT-Megas merger (in 2008). However, the potential growth does NOT take into account any contribution that may derive from extraordinary finance transactions that historically contributed to growth in the last 6 years by an average of Euro 22 million per year.

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